Directory of taxis in the UK is an online platform that offers you a detailed list of taxis in the UK. In our records you can find all the contact details you need (name, address, phone, e-mail) as well as further information.

If you ever need to order a taxi- be it to or from the Airport, a UK Postal Code or a Hotel or Cruise Port- the taxi agencies take care that you arrive without any delay at your destination. The Pick-Up and Drop-Up services, taxi companies provide, guarantee a comfortable and inexpensive ride in high standard cabs. Where ever you are, where ever you go, what ever time it is- taxis are always available. You can order one by a click on the internet or by a simple phone call and it is even possible to pay a later date after receiveing an email with the receipt by the agency. Ordering a taxi can thus be not only comfortable and inexpensive, but first of all easy and always at one’s disposal.